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May 2, 2021


Hello World

We've been building on BitClout for almost 3 months now, and have found common pain points between many of the developers that are building on the platform. In particular we've found... most developers are spending most of their time building the exact same things. Solving the same problems, and building new siloed places for customers to get access to them. This is a waste of time, resources and slows our community down. CloutAPIs seeks to be an open-source set of APIs that sit on top of the BitClout main frontend to bring common features for developers to use. We are not making a new place for users to use these features, but fast and easy ways for all developers to access and contribute shared functionality.

Today, CloutAPIs are free for all to use. In the near future we will introduce API keys for apps and in the further future will look to explore models of monetization that can support a developer ecosystem — where a new developer may choose to distribute their feature via CloutAPIs instead of building a new destination portal for it. That is when we all truly win. Who are we? We're @chrismaddern & @ribal - the creators of @CloutieApp and @cloutfeed, respectively. We decided to work together to lay a foundation for APIs that could be useful not just for our apps (and they will be!) but for all developers and others to contribute to.

What's available today?

  • Fetch curently trending clouttags

  • List posts for a clouttag

  • Search clouttags for autocomplete

→ i.e. everything you need to add clouttags to your app!

What's coming next?

We're working on a few things, including search and some others in the Github Issues. More generally, as features are added to Cloutie and CloutFeed, there's a good chance we'll do so by adding them to CloutAPIs! You can follow along on Github Issues: